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Top 10 Maritime Solution Companies - 2021

Even before the global COVID-19 pandemic hit, the maritime industry had started adopting innovative technologies. With the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution, the industry had recognized two imperative factors to embrace disruption—the shortage of traditional skills and the need for cost-effective methods. As a result, organizations are now adopting solutions that can help them mitigate their specific challenges and bring numerous benefits.

Among the prominent technological advancements is the implementation of an autonomous and digital approach to shipping by ports. This helps ships and operators to relay information, assess priorities, reduce traffic, and make strategic decisions on the go, without the tedious paperwork. Similarly, the digitalization of documents and operations in logistics is happening, reducing paperwork and documents. Maritime companies are implementing new cloudbased technologies to streamline their processes and safeguard from security threats. This also has resulted in the adoption of big data and analytics, where organizations can observe, learn, and analyze data to improve their operations.

Further, the shipping industry is now focused on its impact on climate change and global warming. With ships transporting nearly 90 percent of the world trade, it contributes 3 percent of the total carbon emissions globally. Thishas led to a more dedicated approach toward reducing carbon emissions and adapting design innovations to control the effects. The industry is now pushing design freedom and efficient customization to enhance ship performance, thereby developing an environmentally sustainable model for operations. There is a significant development in the ship propulsion and power generation field, where organizations are looking for alternative fuels, energy-saving devices, and hybrid power generation technologies.

vices, and hybrid power generation technologies. In light of these significant technological advancements today, Aerospace and Defense Review has compiled a list of best-of-breed maritime solutions and services providers to guide enterprise leaderships in harnessing the power of technology to embrace innovation and enhance productivity.

With exceptional technological acumen and numerous success stories up their sleeves, many of these companies have consistently proven their expertise in the robust maritime services and solutions landscape worldwide.

We hope this issue of Aerospace and Defense Review helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to adopt efficient maritime solutions and services to enhance defense requirements and ensure a safe environment. We present to you and Top 10 Maritime Solution Companies.

    Top Maritime Solution Companies

  • CPC


    A leading maritime technology services contractor that integrates personnel expertise, technology, and hardware to provide exceptional maritime solutions to clients.


  • Konrad Marine specializes in designing high output stern drives that surpassed the status quo and outwork anything on the water.The company's stern drives are specifically designed to meet the end-users demand for durability and minimal maintenance intervals. Today, the primary industries they serve are commercial, military, and recreational markets. Konrad Marine's product line range allows them to dial in successful applications and provide exceptional service to boat builds across the globe. Konrad Marine’s stern drives serve as a superior choice for electric/hybrid and autonomous applications.

  • KVH


    KVH designs, manufactures, manages, and supports all the aspects of this satellite communication system, providing a complete end-to-end solution. Thus, KVH not only makes the implementation of the solution a lot simpler but also creates greater opportunities for its refinement, innovation, and flexibility. Besides, The company has a range of options and flexible packages to aid seafarers to connect with family and friends via affordable calls and emails. KVH also lets the crew access daily news updates, watch their favorite movies, and get the thrill of sports coverage through its entertainment content service, KVH Link.


  • NAPA offers industry leading software, services and data analysis for ship design and operation. NAPA’s design tools are fit for all types of surface vessels and also submarines, along with multiple applications, like time domain flood simulation, complex damage and intact stability analysis, ship performance analysis, structural design, and many more. NAPA offers a complete package of 3D based ship design solutions that can be utilized from the very early stages of the design process for multiple disciplines. Additionally, NAPA presents extensive solutions for intelligent, safe, and efficient ship operations to increase performance, fuel-efficiency, and eco-efficiency for monitoring and optimizing the voyages. They have built a global ecosystem where its solutions are being leveraged by several marine industry stakeholders


  • AQT Solutions

    AQT Solutions

    AQT Solutions is a provider of comprehensive and cost-efficient training management software

  • Blue Sky Network

    Blue Sky Network

    Blue Sky Network specializes in the advancement of satellite tracking and twoway voice and data communications for industrial, government, and privately owned fleets operating in remote areas around the world

  • BlueTide Communications

    BlueTide Communications

    BlueTide Communications Corporation started in 2009 to introduce new and innovative satellite communications services to the offshore oil and gas markets

  • Cardinal Point Captains

    Cardinal Point Captains

    A leading maritime technology services contractor that integrates personnel expertise, technology, and hardware to provide exceptional maritime solutions to clients

  • General Dynamics Mission Systems, Inc.

    General Dynamics Mission Systems, Inc.

    General Dynamics creates mission-critical C4ISR solutions for ground, sea, air, space, and cyberspace

  • Inmarsat Global

    Inmarsat Global

    Inmarsat is the provider of global mobile satellite communications. It offers voice and high-speed data services to almost every location on the globe, including land, sea, and air

  • Intelsat


    Intelsat S.A. operates the world’s first Globalized Network, providing high-quality, cost-efficient video and broadband services anywhere in the world

  • OrbitMI


    OrbitMI is a SaaS company that provides integrated business solutions to the marine industry in order to effectively and sustainably operate global fleets

  • RigNet


    RigNet, Inc. offers remote communications services to the oil and gas industry in North America and around the world