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Top 10 Maritime Services Companies – 2022

In the recent past, a lot of attention has been drawn toward ‘maritime domain awareness’, which pertains to the effective understanding of anything associated within the global maritime operations and disruptive technologies in the domain that are having sizeable impact on the security, safety, economy or environment of a Nation. In lieu of this worldwide emphasis on this particular sector, maritime surveillance using groundbreaking technologies has also taken utmost precedence. It is proving to be extremely crucial for law enforcement, border and security authorities, and even fisheries management agencies to optimize the use of traditional surveillance methods such as patrol vessels and aircrafts which are becoming unfavorable for large-scale areas with various activities to be monitored.

In light of these developments, the maritime solutions market is expected to grow from USD 23.9 billion in 2021 to USD 33.4 billion by 2026, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.9-percent during the forecast period. The market growth can be primarily attributed to the growing prominence of AI and ML in maritime operations. Right from evaluating massive amounts of data generated by sensors and public information systems to tracking critical assets and creating digital twins of ports, ships, and fleets for improving vessel and port management capabilities, the maritime industry is leveraging AI at every step.

On that note, this particular edition of Aerospace and Defense Review brings forth the most influential developments in the maritime solutions space that are augmenting the way defense agencies are gauging surveillance information and maritime intelligence to detect and prevent unlawful activities such as narco-trafficking, illegal immigration, maritime pollution and others. It features thought leadership articles from Conn Doherty, Vice President of Future Aircraft Systems & Technology at Raytheon Intelligence & Space, who speak about the importance of promoting open system architecture and interoperability for developing new software for seaplanes and submarines used in naval warfare.

In addition to these critical insights from industry experts, the edition presents the most promising maritime solutions from the top companies on the rise, including Rotheta International and Spurs, which deliver advanced personal locator beacon, emergency receivers, direction finder systems, and other maritime solutions that are having a transformative impact on the industry. We hope this edition will help you find the right maritime solution provider that will empower you to streamline maritime operations with complete efficiency.

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    Top Maritime Services companies

  • The company is a premier provider of novel ‘line cutter solutions’ and dominates more than 90 percent of the market.


  • Bollinger Shipyards

    Bollinger Shipyards

    Bollinger Shipyards LLC, as part of the US industrial base, is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance military patrol boats and salvage vessels, research vessels, ocean-going double hull barges, offshore oil field support vessels, tugboats, rigs, lift boats, inland waterways push boats, barges, and other steel and aluminum products.

  • Century Ship Service

    Century Ship Service

    Century Ship Service is a premier maritime resource that offers effective short and long term solutions for marine power, building, installation, operations, logistics, and repairs. Its mission to be “where you need us when you need us” reflects our reputation as a fearless, ethical, multi-faceted global organization that embraces challenges with innovation and issues with solutions.

  • Clean Marine Energy

    Clean Marine Energy

    Clean Marine Energy is an infrastructure development organization that plans and finances initiatives to reduce shipping industry emissions. The road to zero emissions shipping is lengthy, but it begins with converting vessel fuel from today’s high-emissions, petroleum-based fuels (heavy fuel oil, for example) to cleaner burning fuels.

  • Cardinal Point Captains

    Cardinal Point Captains

    Cardinal Point Captains, Inc. (CPC) is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that provides government and industry services and technology. CPC is a multinational firm based in Southern California with nationwide operations. It has vast resources and expertise supporting complex scientific and maritime processes.

  • HudsonAnalytix


    HudsonAnalytix assists clients in making competitive business judgments. It’s a global marine consultancy that consults the world’s leading maritime organizations. Its extensive services, global experience, and depth of expertise enable clients to efficiently, effectively, and profitably meet their regulatory, commercial, and operational needs.

  • Inchcape Shipping Services

    Inchcape Shipping Services

    Inchcape is a premier supplier of port agency, marine services, and digital solutions that handle all business needs worldwide through its people, global network, and technologies, allowing businesses to focus on their core business & stay ahead of the competition.

  • Konrad Marine

    Konrad Marine

    Konrad’s one-of-a-kind product is unique in both the military and commercial industries. Ken and Kathy Konrad, a husband and wife duo, launched the company in 1991 as a privately held entity. All R&D, engineering, production, testing, and product rollouts have been self-funded.

  • Marine Acoustics, Inc.

    Marine Acoustics, Inc.

    MAI is a global leader in manufacturing engineering and scientific models to aid in developing naval systems and environmental engineering and science concerns. It takes the lead in improving the technical knowledge of the ocean environment and using information technology as a tool to solve complicated marine environmental challenges.

  • Naust Marine

    Naust Marine

    Naust Marine’s mission is to design, manufacture, and market equipment for ships and the marine sector. Naust Marine has a long list of domestic and foreign ships that use the ATW system and the company’s electrical winches.